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    Fiber Glass is produced by wrap knitting Fiber Glass yarn, which is single weft tiled and organic fiber. It can be applied in the molding techniques of Fiber Glass reinforced plastic (FRP) like FRP pipe. In addition, it is also an ideal product for strengthening unsaturated polyester resin (UPR) and epoxy resin. It has excellent thickness uniformity therefore, can effectively improve the longitudinal strength of pipes. Available in 30kg roll.

  • Fibre Glass 300

    The transition from primarily wooden to primarily fiberglass construction was the first revolution in modern boatbuilding, but the second revolution has been much more subdued. The use of traditional fiberglass techniques has given way to a variety of exotic materials and processes that, with their buzzwords and language, can even confuse seasoned yachtsmen.


    However, the basic idea is still the same. Fiberglass, also known as Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic, or FRP, is still a material made of fibers that have been bound together with resin. Today, however, there are so many diverse materials being utilized that reading the brochure for a new boat can benefit from having a chemical engineering background. If you are looking for fiberglass material for boats, then you have come to the right place.


    Fiberglass is one of the most significant materials utilized in many boats. Fiberglass is really the hidden hero of a fantastic boat. Aluminum is a popular alternative material for boats. Although fiberglass is a superior material, this metal nevertheless has a role in aquatic watercraft.


    There are many benefits of fiberglass in boats.


    First off, Fiberglass is significantly stronger and more flexible. This enables us to build boats that remain exceptionally strong throughout many years of service. They provide you the assurance to travel to even the most remote fishing areas because they can withstand the punishment of smashing waves and high speeds.


    Secondly, Fiberglass can be molded into unusual shapes and designs. You can embellish the hull with details, the general profile with contour lines, and the shape of the boat with supple, flowing curves. Fiberglass boats can be made to be more stable in choppy water and at high speeds by adding certain elements.


    You need us if you want the ideal family boat or a luxurious fishing boat for weekend excursions. You can build a top-notch boat that satisfies all of your requirements.


    Why choose us?


    • We have years of knowledge that enables us to provide you with a wide and trustworthy range of products.
    • We guarantee that every product goes through great quality control and provide products of unparalleled quality.
    • Our firm offers a safe, quick, and secure purchasing experience.
    • Our prices are competitive and accessible at the best price.
    • We are an authorized distributor of boat parts and ensure that our customers get the best boat parts and accessories.


    If you are looking for fiberglass material for boats, call us at +97125466667 or Whats App at +971507775454 to speak with us right away.

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