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Boat Accessories Supplier UAE

If you have a boat, you must have lots of accessories for support. Going on a boat excursion without the required boat accessories is like going for a run without the proper footwear. However, you want it to be reasonably priced and something that conveys your personality, whether it be the necessary features or the additional ones employed to add value, flair, and functionality to your boat or pontoon.


We at Zawraq Marinetech are the top boat accessories suppliers in UAE. We provide you with all the necessary boat accessories that are of top quality and of good, affordable price.


A boat must be equipped with the necessary extras, like a first aid kit, a portable fire extinguisher, an anchor, the necessary documentation, a working cellphone or marine radio, and water and fuel supplies.


Some of the boat accessories include:


Basic First Aid Kit


Nobody knows when a first aid kit will need to be used, especially when it's too late and you're in the middle of the sea and realize you need one. It is therefore one of the fundamental essentials for your boat or pontoon.


Basic materials including antihistamines, antiseptics, tapes, bandages, cotton, and medicine packs must be included in a first aid bag. Boat first aid kits must have zip-lock bags with obvious labels so they can be quickly opened and utilized in an emergency.


A Personal Floating device


The term "personal floating device" refers to any buoyant aid, including life vests, throwable flotation devices, and life jackets. The majority of boat-related fatalities—more than 80%—involve drowning, thus avoiding it is paramount. Therefore, having at least two different types of floating devices on board is necessary by law.


Right Anchor as per your boat size


You won't believe but most anchors on boats are not enough even when provided by the manufacturer. Due to their tiny size and inadequate scope, they are unable to maintain their position. You must choose an anchor based on your boat's size, the depth of the water, and the area where you will be sailing or fishing.


Unless your boat is too little or fragile to support the weight of the anchor, it is preferable to have an anchor that is a little bit larger than what is advised for your boat.


Weighing Scale


We provide you with marine weighing scales that are built to the strictest standards for use at sea. A multirange, highly accurate scale, it is waterproof, sturdy, motion adjusted, and designed specifically for people who need to weigh accurately at sea.


You will also find other accessories such as navigation side lights, starboard and port navigation lights, action cam, bags, gloves, holders, fishing bucket, and much more at Zawraq Marinetech. If you are looking for the top boat accessories supplier in UAE, then we are ready to serve you.


Why choose us?


  1. Seamless shopping experience – We have been in the industry for some time and are experts in this field. For the convenience of our consumers, we have created a website with a vast and trustworthy selection of items.

  2. Top-quality products – We provide unmatched quality. To provide you with the best return on your investment, we make sure that all of our products are purchased from the best-reviewed manufacturers and double-checked for accuracy.

  3. Wide range of products – We make sure that our clients receive what they ordered as an authorized distributor of boat parts. We take all required measures to guarantee that we provide the best boat parts for our customers throughout the world.

  4. Affordable prices – All of our clients can count on our shopping website to provide a very secure, quick, and easy shopping experience.

  5. Safe and secure shopping – Shop with us for your next boat engine parts and spares at unexpectedly low costs. You may be certain that our rates will provide the best value for the time and money you spend on our website.


To know more, call us today at +97125466667 or What's App on +971507775454.

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