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The purpose of a product description is to supply customers with important information about the features and benefits of the products so they're compelled to buy.


Protect your motor boat from barnacles and algae using our easy to deploy DockyDock Boat hull cover. 

Our research, engineering and manufacturing teams are based in the UK. This gives us better control over introducing improvements, production quality and design changes.

Zawraq Marine is the official partner for DockyDock in Abu Dhabi, UAE & Middle East.

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This is the 15-degree & 30-degree model in 2 color combinations, which covers most general fishing needs for a regular straight stock rod and curve butt rod to allow the fine-tuning of a position for trolling under outriggers or live bait and bottom fishing.

Adjust your rod position for wind, current, tide conditions at anchor or drifting. Check out our newest collection of fishing rod holders for boats.

We have rod holders of different weights.

We are the top sellers of fishing rod holders in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, UAE & Middle East

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The newly designed bladder
accepts gasoline, diesel, bio-diesel, E-10 bio ethanol and jet-fuel.

ATL FueLockers are perfect for fishing, flying, yachting (MY & SY), tenders, trucking, touring, expedition vessels, power generation and defense operations. ATL's FueLocker® Range Extension Bladder Tank is also easy to store; simply fold and stow when not in use. A safe, convenient way to travel farther! 

For the first time in UAE & Middle East you can purchase this product from Zawraq Marine.

Recommended by NASA.

Order it in any custom sizes.

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Light, Strong and Flexible: ATL Aqua-Flex® and Aqui-fer™ bladder tanks are constructed from a ballistic nylon-reinforced rubber and are fully collapsible for easy transport and storage. The bladder's composite flanges feature sanitary brass and stainless steel hardware.  Included with your Aqui-Fer purchase, the Underliner is a reinforced fabric mat that helps protect bladder from abrasive surfaces.

A 6 foot length of clear reinforced FDA hose with clamp is included with each bladder. A double-sided hose barb with end cap is also provided.

For the first time in UAE & Middle East you can purchase this product from Zawraq Marine.

Recommended by NASA.

Order it in any custom sizes.

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Portarod is unique from other rod transporters because it doesn’t require drilling into the bed of your truck. By using the patented Portarod ratcheting crossbar, your Portarod is placed and secured in moments and is removed easily. Designed to fit any truck and adjusted to any angle, your Portarod system will protect your gear and your truck.

The Best Way For Truck-Owning Fishermen to Transport their Rods Securely, Safely and Easily.

Now you can get this best in market fishing rod holder in Zawraq Marine, Abu Dhabi UAE & Middle East. We also have different fishing rods for sale in UAE.

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If you're a serious angler, you probably have tons of unorganized and tangled jerkbaits and topwater baits in your tackle box. With the extremely durable and waterproof Double-Barrel Jerkbait Coffin, Bass Mafia buries this problem. This case secures and organizes 20 jerkbaits or topwater baits vertically in their own individual tube. The result is no more tangled hooks, no damage to the paint and best of all fast, easy retrieval so you can get your line in the water quicker. Four-latch cover for total security.

We in Zawraq Marine, Abu Dhabi UAE introducing you the newest way to keep your Jerkbait extremely safe and durable.Buy the best fishing jerk bait in UAE from us.

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De-Fishing Soap Is The Original Cleaner Specially Formulated To Lift Odors From Hands And Surfaces.

De-Fishing Soap does not mask odors, it completely eliminates them. Just lather up, scrub (warm water and scrub brush is best), rinse, and repeat. Our soap is all-natural and completely biodegradable. Rinsing in the lake or stream isn’t going to hurt a thing!

Removes Odors in Many Situations:

  • FISHING:Removes fishy smell from hands with one wash – Guaranteed!

  • COOKING:Instantly eliminates garlic and onion smell from your hands!

  • CAMPING:Perfect for washing up in nature without hurting the environment.

  • HOUSEHOLD: Smelly carpet, pet stains, foul garbage disposals.

  • SMOKING:Eliminates that smoke smell – even from the strongest cigars.

  • CLOTHING: A pre-soak with our soap works MIRACLES on your gym clothes.

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New circular rod holder designed for 16 rods and reels made only by Reel Rack, this rod holder has enough space for all types of rods and reels.  Ideal for saltwater and freshwater anglers that need to store a lot of rods with a small footprint. The rod receivers have a bullnose cutout so the rods set in the center of holes and the rods stand in a more vertical position. The material is made of a marine-grade polymer that has a smooth to the touch high-end finish that protects rods from getting marred up. This rod holder also has an easy bearing swivel with a 1000 lb. capacity that is preassembled. Order the best fishing  rod holder from Zawraq Marine, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, UAE now itself !! We have different types of fishing rod holders for boats available.

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Orsen Inflatable Lounger Air Sofa Hammock Portable Lounge,Water Proof& Anti-Air Leaking Design-Ideal Couch Backyard Beach,Lakeside, Traveling Camping Picnics & Music Festivals.

Our camping air couch retains air twice as long as other air couch. It will stay inflated for at least 5-6 hours. Our inflatable sofa is made with superb craftsmanship and high-quality Ripstop fabric that is lightweight, comfortable and strong enough to support 400lbs.

Now you can get this from Zawraq Marine, Abu Dhabi UAE it self !!

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The Box Anchor is designed to do all the work for you. Just kill the engine and toss the anchor overboard; it’s that easy. The Box Anchor will hit the bottom, roll to its side, and set within one foot with no need to power down. 

The Box Anchor is a state of the art offshore anchor that brings anchoring to a new level of sophistication. We have different boat anchors for sale in different places at UAE & Middle East like Abu Dhabi, Dubai etc... Purchase it from Zawraq Marine, the leading marine anchor supplier in UAE & Middle East.

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The KoolMax can play and stream music from any Bluetooth-enabled devices wirelessly in 30+ ft., the sound system offers 350-Watts maximum output power with two 6.5 in. passive Hi-Fi outdoor speakers and two high performance 2 in. tweeters, the KoolMax can perform as a pro-grade PA system by providing XLR microphone input, and 1/4 in. instrument input, 3.5 mm auxiliary input, USB data and charging port and SD card slot, iPad or tablet can be safely placed in the top compartment and cell phone also can be stored and charged at the same time in the water resistant slot in the front panel, advanced insulation technology keeps ice frozen for up to 3 days, it holds up to 28 of 12 oz. bottles or 48 cans. Now you can easily get it in UAE or Middle East from Zawraq Maine, Abu Dhabi.

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Gasoline pump for fuel transfer.

Sturdy and compact structure
Cast iron body
High efficiency pump that can deliver up to 13 GPM with reduced absorption to ensure a long service life
Anti-noise filter (EMC - electromagnetic capability)
Bypass valve built-in
Thermal protection

Now you can easily get this product from Zawraq Marine, Abu Dhabi.

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