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Marine electrical works

Be it small, medium, or large boats or ships, they simply won’t function without a proper electrical system. A healthy electrical system controls everything in a yacht or a ship, from lights and lighting systems to batteries for onboard services or starting an engine. Batteries, battery combiners, and other marine electrical devices are also necessary since they must be maintained regularly and are required for all vessel owners, along with signaling lights, torches, lights, and navigation lights. Because of this, all electrical equipment must be kept in special containers and properly inspected both before and after extended inactivity. We at Zawraq Marinetech provide you with all the necessary marine electrical works in Abu Dhabi.

Our list of electrical products includes:


  1. Rechargeable LED Beanie Cap

  2. Charging station

  3. Dual-Port USB Charger

  4. Smart battery charger


And much more.


All the products available at Zawaraq Marinetech are double-checked before sending it to the customers.


Why choose us?


  • A seamless shopping experience is something we specialize in as a company and have done for a while. We have an extensive and reliable assortment of products for the convenience of our customers.

  • We offer unrivaled quality products. We make sure that all of our products are bought from the best-reviewed manufacturers and double-checked for accuracy to give you the best ROI.

  • As an authorized distributor of boat parts, we ensure that our customers get the best boat parts. This is what makes us the best marine electrical works in Abu Dhabi.

  • Every one of our customers relies on our shopping website which offers a safe, quick, and simple shopping experience.

  • Shop with us in confidence for your next boat engine parts and spares that are available at affordable prices. You can be sure that our prices are more competitive and affordable to other companies.


To know more, call us today at +97125466667 or What's App at +971507775454.

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