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CARLO 115 Fishing Lure

CARLO 115 Fishing Lure


The slimline design makes this product a fast-sinking stickbait lure, which you can cast a long distance. It reacts well to quick twitches from the fish and works slowly with the usual sweeping of the fishing rod. The flashy colors of the product can trigger a response from your fish. The lure color plays a big part in getting a reaction strike from the fish you are trying to catch. Brighter color fishing lures UAE products attract the kinds of fish that are not actively feeding and make them bite.


When the fish bites, it is important to have a rod that is balanced well enough to let you sink the trebles straight into its mouth. Our fishing lures UAE product line is made with enough quality to get and keep the fish hooked in a way that does not damage the hooks. The lure is of Japanese quality and fitted with solid hooks.


To help optimize your fishing experience and make it straightforward, we offer optimal fishing lures in the UAE. On top of it, we provide the best customer experience possible. Whenever we source fishing lures in the UAE, we keep the requirements of daily anglers in mind. We always strive to make your fishing quicker, more effective.

  • Fishing Lures UAE

    If you have ever used a fishing lure to catch fish, you will know the benefits of it. If you don't know, a fishing lure is a form of artificial fishing bait that is used to draw fish. Every shape, size, and color of a lure is intended to draw a particular group of fish species. Naturally, what functions with one fish may not function with another. We at Zawaraq Marinetech provide you with the best quality fishing lures in UAE.


    Some of the different types of fishing lures are:


    • Plugs – plugs or crankbaits are made using hard plastic that comes in various shapes and colors. They are made using solid/hollow plastic with a thin sheet of metal that is attached to the front. This sheet is called a lip.
    • Jigs – Jigs feature an attached hook and a weighted head on one side. Jigs are typically regarded as one of the most well-liked varieties of fishing lures since they come with either a feather skirt or a plastic grub. Jigs sink quickly because of their weight. They are therefore excellent for bottom feeders.
    • Spinnerbait – The fact that spinnerbait lures move horizontally through the water makes them a little unique. Depending on the species and depth of interest, they come in a variety of shapes and hues. Spinnerbaits have a metal blade or blades that spin like propellers on one side and a skirted hook on the other. The Vibration and color reflection produced by the spinning of the blades closely resemble minnows and other bait fishes. These are ideal for catching fish like bass, perch, and pike.


    We provide the best fishing lures in the UAE to simplify and enhance your fishing experience. Moreover, we strive to offer the greatest customer service. We keep the needs of regular fishermen in mind whenever we purchase fishing lures in the UAE. We always work to improve the efficiency and speed of your fishing.


    If you are looking for fishing lures in the UAE, then we at Zawaraq Marinetech are ready to assist you.


    Why choose us?


    • We have years of experience and knowledge in the fishing and marine industry thus giving you the best products and services.
    • We make sure that all the products go through a quality check to give you top quality.
    • We provide all our customers with a safe and secure shopping experience.
    • Our prices are competitive as compared to other companies.
    • We are the authorized distributor of boat parts and accessories.


    Call us at +97125466667 or Whats App at +971507775454 if you have any doubts or queries.


    The Carlo 115 is a slimline heavy casting stick bait that is perfect for casting long distances.


    The slender design of our best Fishing Lures in UAE makes it extremely easy to work short twitches of the rod tip. It is Japanese quality fitted with strong hooks.


    It's ready for action product that is built with the wire internals. This is a great lure for catching the big fish.


    Buy the best Fishing Lures in UAE from us to enjoy your fishing sessions!!

  • Specification

    SIZE- 115mm


    ACTION-Sinking (Fixed weight)

    Quality treble hook-4

    4x split ring-4

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