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ATL fuel bladder tank 250 Gallon




  • Completely Collapsible
  • Includes ATL Underliner Which Helps Protect Bladder From Abrasive Surfaces
  • Quick Filling From Any Standard Refueling Nozzle
  • Spill Resistant Stand Pipe
  • "Flapper Valve" Prevents Possible Fuel Backflow When Cap Is Removed
  • Non-Venting
  • Deck or Vented Locker Deployment
  • Custom Sizes Available
  • Foldable for Compact, Easy Storage
  • Pump, Gravity or Siphon Discharge
  • Accessories Available; See Below
  • Accessories Available:-

    • 1 Inch Brass Ball-Valve Outlet 
    • 1" I.D. Hose (w/ Clamp) - 15 Foot Length
    • "Standard" Fill Neck (11" Height) - Recommended
    • Tie-Down Kit (ATL P/N KS198) 
    • Mesh Tote-Bag (ATL P/N KS203)
    • Sun-Shield (ATL P/N 200805) 
  • More Details

    FUEL LOCKER Space Saver MarineFuel Bladder Tanks

    ATL's INNOVATIVE FueLocker® Range
    Extension Marine Bladder Tanks
    take up less than 1/2 of the deck
    space of a Petro-flex® pillow bladder
    of the same capacity. The newly designed bladder
    accepts gasoline, diesel, bio-diesel, E-10 bio ethanol and jet-fuel.

    ATL FueLockers are perfect for fishing, flying, yachting (MY & SY), tenders, trucking, touring, expedition vessels, power generation and defense operations.

    ATL's FueLocker® Range Extension Bladder Tank is also easy to store; simply fold and stow when not in use. A safe, convenient way to travel farther!


    • Accepted Fuels:
    • Gasoline
    • E-10 Bio Ethanol
    • Diesel Fuel
    • Bio-Diesel Fuel
    • Jet Fuel including JP-8
    • Kerosene
    • Avgas
    • #2, #4 Fuel Oil
    • Lubricants

    Zawraq is the leading fuel dispenser manufacturer in Abu Dhabi. UAE​​​​​​​

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