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Updated: Nov 5, 2020

Things you should have before fishing in UAE

Fishing equipment is required by people who wish to do pastime activity in UAE. It is the fishing heritage with an abundance of high rising tides. Fishing is fun and requires many essential things to consider for shopping before making the right choice.

There are many options available for fishing in UAE. Handline fishing is unpredictable as you might find no fish whereas the deeper sea exploration will surely make you catch a great fish. Fishing in UAE is a lucrative hobby for the tourists and they look for the most exciting experience by fishing at various permitted locations.

Preparing for the best experience can be done by choosing the most reliable fishing accessories shop in UAE. Of course, fishing requires an official allowance from the state but the very next thing will be to find out the right equipment to make your experience worthwhile.

fishing accessories shop in Dubai

6 most essential things required for the best fishing experience in Dubai and UAE

1) Fishing Licensing

This is the most vital requirement to fish in Dubai: A fishing license. This government license is required for anyone who wants to fish in Dubai. The laws are strict and there are fines (up to 100AED) imposed on fishing without permission. Dubai is a preferred location for fishing and thousands of tourists love to do it in the permitted zones.

Jumeirah, Dubai Creek, Al Seef Road, Al Garhoud and Maktoum Bridge, and Umm Suqeim are the locations in Dubai where licensed recreational fishing is permitted. It is not difficult to obtain a license from the authorities. The individual license (issued to 18+) is free of cost and could be obtained through the website or by visiting the environmental department office. Environmental Department of Dubai Municipality issues the fishing licenses in Dubai. There are companies having boats and a fishing license that can help you in bypassing the license-making botheration.

2) Fishing rod and reel for sea fishing

Fishing pole and rod are the primary selections for buying fishing equipment in UAE. It can be confusing to make the right choice. A fishing rod is a stick with variable styles and functions. These come in a size of 1-10 meters with different flexibility and strength levels. There are some additives like whistles and bells attached to the rods. Deep-sea fishing requires longer and thicker rods, mainly made up of Graphite.

Rods: The hobby-based fishing doesn’t require too expensive rods and the versatile ones can be purchased for the best use. Foldable telescopic rods are available that can be carried in a bag. Spinning reels are preferred on the rods to pull the line in as they are easy to operate for the people taking fishing as a hobby. Baitcaster reels are for professionals.

Fishing rod holders for boats in Dubai

Rod Holders: Fishing rod holders for boats are portable and can fix your fishing rod in place. Some holders come with accessories like alarms that ring if the fish is hooked.

3) Fishing line

Fishing lines are available in all sizes and shapes. You must consider flexibility, size, and colour for the new line. Thin lines are weaker than the thick ones, and braided lines have the supreme strength. Monofilament lines are cheaper and have a good stretching capacity. They are generally weaker but people prefer them for hobby purposes.

4) Fishing hooks, floats, weights, and swivels

Fishing hooks: There are hundreds of options to choose for the hooks from fishing accessories shop in Dubai, UAE. Every shop has a Gamakatsu hook that is used by the majority of the people. The thick hooks are not good to be used with the live baits as it kills the bait. A fishing license in Dubai enables you to fish with one rod and three hooks (maximum).

Fishing weights: The weights are generally made with brass, steel, or tungsten and provide better casting distance and even keep the bait underwater for more time. The basic split shots are good for newbies but not on the shores as it might jam between the rocks. You must not use excess weights as it becomes hard to cast the line.

fishing tackle shop in Dubai.

Floats: This is the final piece you will need from the fishing tackle shop in UAE. Floats are required only for hobby fishing or near-shore fishing. Floats prohibit the bait from the sinking to the bottom. You can use floats to reduce the tension on the rod and line. The light gears can be used with the float to choose the correct weights.

Swivels: It connects the tackles to the line. It can weaken the line and cause breakage as their purpose is to keep the line free from twists. The tackle bag can keep the items organized.

5) Bait and Lures

You can’t catch a fish without bait. Fishing jerk bait in UAE is available in different types and live baits (like sandworms and shrimps) are the most effective to attract any fish. The fish are attracted to baits for biting and this is how they can be caught.

Fishing jerk bait in UAE

Lures are artificial baits and look like a small fish. There are different baits available for seawater and freshwater fish. Fishfinders are available in different types and the portable ones are mainly preferred.

6) Fishfinder SONAR

Fishfinder is necessary to locate the fish deep inside the water through sound waves. It uses GPS to track the fishing points. It can help in finding the spots to catch the fish later on.


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