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Basics For Selecting The Best Fishing Lures

There are many different fishing accessories and for effective fishing and for a fulfilling catch it is vital to have the necessary accessories. Some of the fishing accessories include fishing rods, reels, hooks, baits, bobbers, lures etc. Lures is one of the important accessory which help you in fishing. Fishing lures are artificial items which are made in the shape of fish’s prey. They attract the bait to the fishing line. They are connected to the hook and are fastened to the fishing line. Zawraq Marine Technology and Equipments, the leading online fishing store UAE have different kinds of fishing lures UAE. The best fishing lures UAE can be found at our online fishing store UAE. We also have very wide range fishing accessories at our online fishing store UAE.

While selecting fishing lures you have to select it according to the water type. For deep water the lure such as spoon lures are good while in cloudy waters lures that are in bright colour such as attractive crankbaits can be used. According to the size of the fish which you are planning to catch the size of the lures also changes. The shape of the lures should also mimic those that the fish of the particular water feed on. You should also consider the weather while selecting the lures. In cooler temperature fishes stay mostly on the surface while they go deep into the water when the weather is hot. As per your requirement you can choose the finest fishing lures UAE from Zawraq Marine Technology and Equipments.

Inline Spinners

Spinners come in diverse colours such as white, pink, blue, brass and in many combinations. Spinners are good lures as it covers more area of water. They have to be cast and reeled quickly into the water. For smaller fish you can choose spinners that are small and for larger fish larger spinners can be used. In the deep water areas and where long distance casting is required you can choose large spinners. The spinners with diverse colours will attract the baits easily. Incorporating the vibration in spinners can improve the attraction towards it for the fishes.


They are effective in casting and also perform its function very efficiently. Spoons are excellent lures in lakes and reservoirs. They are suitable for casting in deep water and for casting far off. These lures usually come in silver colour or golden colour. Different colours can be added to it when the water is cloudy or when the water is very deep.


Jigs are one of the most preferred choices when it comes to fishing lures. They can mimic different things the fish eat and are versatile. They can be used to catch diverse type of fish species. Jigs with marabou are suitable in water bodies such as ponds and lakes. In bare jigs you can attach things such as soft plastics or baits that are live.


Crankbaits are suitable to mimic different fishes. There are different types of crankbaits like rainbow trouts, brown trouts, silver, hopper etc. For cloudy and dirty waters bright colours are the best choice and will attract the fishes.

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