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Understanding Fishing Reel Parts

Updated: Aug 15, 2022

Fishing is a technique and in order to master the technique you have to foremostly know how to use the fishing reel properly. For the proper usage of fishing reel the parts of the fishing reel have to be understood thoroughly. A fishing reel comprise of many parts. It is not easy to understand the different components of a fishing reel. Without proper knowledge about the reel, its parts and function a new angler cannot easily carry out proper angling. Along with knowledge about the fishing reel it is also important to buy quality fishing reels in UAE. Zawraq Marine Technology and Equipments, online fishing store UAE offers the finest fishing equipment online UAE.

A brief guide for understanding the different types of fishing reel parts and their functions are given below.

Reel Handle

Reel handles lets you to hold the reel properly. Hence they have to be comfortable to handle. It is a vital part of fishing reel and they can be rotated by either of the hands. Quality handles lets you to bring back the line easily after making a cast.

Reel body

The reel body comprise of a gear box housing, support arm and reel foot. It is an important part of the fishing reel and is usually constructed from graphite or aluminium. In certain fishing reels you may find the drag system at the bottom of the reel body while in most of the reels which are available today the drag system is at the top of the reel body.


Spools are manufactured from aluminium, graphite, carbon fibre etc. The material which is typically used among them is aluminium. There are different sizes of spools available. The fishing line is kept in place by spool and its capacity is related to the reel spools. Drag system are sometimes integrated in the spools.


Bail is found at the bottom of the spool. The bail prevents uncoiling of line and unwinding when you are not casting. An opened bail frees line from the cast and also helps in retrieving the line back to the spool.

Drag Adjustment

Drag adjustment are usually set up at two places at the crest of the spool or beneath the reel body. The drag adjustment knob is utilized to regulate the spool strength during fishing. Also you can remove the spool by loosening the spool drag system.

Anti- reverse switch

This is used to avoid the reel from turning backward. They are only used sometimes. They are mainly utilized during heavy currents.


Gears are placed below the spool in the spinning reel body. The gears are set into work and turned when the reel is cranked using the handle. The turned gears rotate the bail system around the spool thereby helping in line wrapping.

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