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Things To Consider Before Buying a Fishing Rod For Beginners

Updated: Aug 15, 2022

Fishing rods come in different varieties and specifications. Purchasing the right one suitable for you is important. You have to buy fishing rods which will meet your purpose. If you are a beginner in angling then finding the appropriate fishing rod becomes even trickier. Zawraq Marine Technology and Equipments, the leading fishing accessories shop in UAE have several kinds of fishing rods. We offer the best fishing rod for sale in UAE.

Are you in dilemma for finding the right fishing rod? Here are a few guidelines to choose the right fishing rod.

Rod types

There are numerous types of fishing rods. Choosing the apt rod which serves your purpose is vital. Also check the material of the rod before purchasing it. The material of the rod influences its performance. Graphite rods, fiberglass rods, composite rods are the common kinds of rods.

Rod Power

Rod power refers to the rods capacity. If you are going for angling with the aim of catching large fish then you have to purchase fishing rod which can handle larger pressure. The rod lines should also match with the rod. For heavy rods, heavy lines should be used and vice versa.

Rod Action

The bending and the performance of the rod are referred to as the rod action. There are slow/light action rods, fast/heavy action rods and medium action rods. The capability of the rods to reach to its original state is rod action. Of all the three slow/light action rods have more bending capability. Fast action rods bends at the top portion, medium action rods bends in the top half of the rod.

Specifications of the fishing rod

Look into the various specifications of the rod. Different kinds of rods have different specification like length, power, action, lure weight etc. These specifications will help you to decide whether you selecting the suitable rod for your purpose. If you cannot understand the specifications you can directly ask the shop for its explanations, recommendations and feedback.

Components of fishing rod

While buying fishing rod also look into all the components of the fishing rod. Rod handles, rod guides, rod lines should be checked. The materials and the shape of these parts is also a determining factor in the performance of the fishing rods.

Brand and Company

It is always recommended to buy fishing rods from reputed and trusted brands and company. Go through reviews and talk with other users to find the best suitable fishing rod seller.


Look for fishing rods priced at reasonable rate. Take a comparison of rate of rods available in the market. Buy quality rods at reasonable rate. You should not compromise on quality by looking at its rate.

Working of the rod

Even after checking and understanding all the above mentioned factors if you don’t know how to operate a fishing rod then your time and money gets wasted. Therefore if you are beginner get an idea about the basic functioning of the rod. Get tips from the shop from where you purchase the rod and look at instructions mentioned in the manual or websites.

If you are searching for fishing rod for sale in UAE or for fishing equipment online UAE contact Zawraq Marine Technology and Equipments. We will assist you in finding the right fishing rod which will meet your requirement and give optimised performance.

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