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Important Things that are needed on your Fishing Tackle Box

Fishing Tackle box in UAE

When on a fishing trip in UAE, rod and reel are not the only tools that are needed. A Fishing Tackle box in UAE is very essential equipment that you require on a fishing trip. A properly stocked tackle box would be an aid to solve the problems that the anglers have to encounter commonly.

Fishing is a stress-reducing and serene pastime that connects you with nature and you can easily relax but when you are out fishing. There is fishing equipment online in UAE that you should get to have a great experience with.

The Pole

It is very important to choose the correct fishing pole before stocking up the tackle box with all the required essentials. Every fishing pole has its advantages and disadvantages that could be checked out at the online fishing store in UAE.

When flipping a jig/blogs/our-obsession/fish-a-bass-jig/fishing, a stout backbone pole is a need because it provides sufficient spring for pulling a fish out of water. There can also be situations when you may need another type of rod-like the one which can resist jarring motions as well as shocks. A long rod will cast a long distance but the action and power of a rod should match the length of the rod.

Having the right strength, height and action is necessary, and then comes the next important thing which is the fishing tackle bag in UAE. Let us go through some tips on how to stock or manage your tackle box if you are a newbie.

1. Having a Fishing License is Very Important

This is the most important item that you need to have in your tackle box and you should keep a plastic sleeve along so that even if the license gets submersed accidentally, it does not get wet. Whenever you go out fishing, owning a license in UAE is a must.

2. Carry an Extra Fishing Line

An extra fishing line is another essential tool to carry in your tackle box while on a fishing trip. The choice of the right fishing line however highly depends on the rod, reel, and the fish that you have planned to catch.

Monofilament, braided, and fluorocarbon are the three basic types of fishing lines. If you are an angler who goes after bass then the most used fishing line is fluorocarbon. Fluorocarbon nevertheless is not usually the most natural kind of line for working because it easily twists and the monofilament fishing line is suppler. Monofilament offers a lot of stealth and is not visible to the fish. For creating an ultra-strong and thin line, most of the anglers tie a braided line to the fluorocarbon line and if any of the methods fail to give you the desired kind of line, monofilament is a suitable option to go for.

Monofilament is a durable and forgiving kind of line but its visibility is more than that of fluorocarbon and braided lines. Although the braided line is quite pliable, the monofilament line gives the required stretch needed for reeling in some of the biggest basses.

An extra fishing line is a very essential requirement because the fishing trip can get spoilt if the only fishing line gets broken. Hence, you should carry a suitable extra fishing line in your tackle box as per the conditions and the kind of fish.

3. Carrying Extra Hooks is Necessary

After choosing the correct line to carry in your tackle box, the next essential item is the hook. According to the type of fish and the prevalent conditions, the hooks, sinkers, and bobbers are available in a great range of colors, sizes, shapes, and weights.

Having hooks of various sizes in your tackle bag is good because you cannot catch a catfish of hundred pounds if you have a smaller-sized hook. If you have any particular favorite kind of hook like the J-hook or the French hook, stock a good number of these in your tackle box so that you can accordingly match the fish to the exact hook. The marine equipment suppliers in UAE will provide you with the best hooks that can catch the fish with ease.

4. Don’t forget to add Bobbers!

To keep the hook and the line on the surface of the water, bobbers are used and they are also known by the name of floaters. While the most commonly used bobbers are classic, plastic, and red-and-white bobbers, you can also use a slip bobber which can slide up and down the line. The anglers use this type of bobber because it is very versatile even though it can take a longer time to rig. If due to any problem, you cannot arrange a bobber, a tried and tested way for keeping the hook afloat is a cork with a stick.

5. Sinkers are also Essential

Opposite to the work that bobbers do, sinkers are used for pulling down the hook into the water. The weight of the hook and the line is not sufficient and a sinker is required to make them sink under the water where the fish bite. Lead was used in the making of sinkers earlier but due to issues concerning health, many of the states have made it illegal for use. Due to currents and waves, the lines often get broken, and hence it is always safe to keep several hooks, sinkers, and bobbers so that your fishing trip goes on smoothly. A fishing tackle shop in Dubai can offer all the inclusions in your bag.

6. Carry Extra Swivels

Swivels are used for multiple purposes and it is important to carry them in your tackle box. These are used for the easy swapping of the traps, help in keeping the line untwisted, and also assist in the tying of complex rigs like Carolina. Having these swivels always helps and you should carry them with you on your fishing trip.

7. Spinners, Hard and Soft Bait should not be Forgotten

Bait is significant because you need something to attract the fish and having different kinds of it for luring the play is always useful. Hard bait in the form of lures and soft bait in the form of grubs or rubber worms are the best kind of baits used for attracting the fish. While some of the anglers consider the soft bait to be used mainly for bass fishing, others have found out that underwater creatures are exceedingly attracted to the rubber bait. The marine equipment suppliers in UAE will give you ideas for suitable baits as per your requirement.

8. Add on the Tools

Carrying several essential tools is quite important but it depends if you are hiking or fishing on a boat because of the amount of weight that you’ll have to carry. The four key items required in the tackle box are a nail clipper, a sharp knife, a first-aid kit, and a pair of needle-nose pliers.

A nail clipper helps in the handy snipping through the line and the knife assists in gutting the fish while the pliers help in the twisting and bending of the metal components of the gear. A first-aid kit is very important on any kind of backcountry fishing trip but most important on a trip where hooks, knives, and flailing fish with teeth are present.


Being one of the most comforting pastimes, you need to have essential equipment and gear with you. For excelling and making the trip a peaceful experience, you need experience, excellent observational skills, and technical expertise. All the anglers should undoubtedly carry with themselves a tackle box along with their rod, line, and reel. Zawraq Marine Technology & Equipment is a renowned organization engaging in fishing and marine equipment suppliers in UAE. If you are looking for a fishing tackle bag in UAE, you can contact the experts for finding the fishing equipment and accessories to meeting all your needs.

There is fishing equipment online in UAE available at the best prices. There is a wide selection of accessories and equipment meeting all your needs. All the products are skillfully manufactured by leading manufacturers of the industry for meeting the quality standards and high technology. The company has its subsidiaries in the middle east and has established a strong name for the online fishing store in UAE. They offer the best quality products tested by the experts. They are a trusted organization in fishing and marine products.

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