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Ideas for planning cheap fishing trips

Updated: Aug 15, 2022

What are your thoughts on going for a fishing trip in UAE, that too within your budget? If you are an avid fisher, you may know where to find the adorable fishing spots, not only to get engaged in the sport but for enjoying a nicest vacation with your family or to feel the warmth of an appealing climate. For those who are less aware of the most ravishing fishing spots in Dubai, we would like to provide spot on ideas which helps you to plan for a pleasing fishing trip at your budget.

Planning a fishing trip is enthusiastic when you have the necessary fishing equipments and a budget that fits with your plan. If you are a novice in fishing and don’t know about the basic fishing accessories one must have, we are there to help you. You must own at least the basic fishing equipments like rod, a reel, the line, jigs, sinkers, hooks, lures etc. from a near equipment store or buy the best fishing equipment online, UAE.

Can anyone do fishing in Dubai?

You need a license to fish in Dubai but it is indeed an easy process. If you are a tourist, contact a licensed vendor to get a short term license and fishing equipments you need. If you are an avid fisher looking for a best fishing accessories shop in UAE, Zawaraq Marinetech is there for you. You can buy fishing equipment online, UAE from website at the best rates in the market.

The best seasons to go for fishing in Dubai

During winters, you can get kingfishes, tunas and mackerels at your hook as these species tends to swim closer to the water surface on the months of October to May. Summers are for deep sea fishing in Dubai but that should be done before sunrise or after sunset when the heat is less. You may get Queen Fish or Sailfish on the months of June, July, August and September. So depending upon when you would like to fish, you can get different species of fish.

Fishing spots in Dubai

You can go for deep sea fishing or shore fishing in Dubai. Shore fishing is more popular here nowadays as many people find fishing as a sport more than a hobby with advanced fishing equipments. You can go for shore fishing with a recreational fishing license everywhere in UAE except ‘no fishing areas. You can do a good fishing at these spots in Abu Dhabi.

  1. Al Raha Beach

  2. Al Aryam Island

  3. Yas Island

  4. Eastern Mangroves

For deep sea fishing, it’s better to hire a fishing charter boat to chase and catch. Fishing experts use methods of casting, trawling, bottom fishing, and jigging for deep sea fishing. If there is a need for advanced fishing equipments, find the best marine equipment suppliers in UAE for deep sea fishing.

Tips for a best fishing trip

If you decide to spend your vacations on fishing in UAE, you must plan the trip first for making it a productive and memorable one. You don’t need to spend so much for the trip for booking & buying anything but need to understand some basic factors on fishing and related equipments along with an efficient travel plan makes your trip, relatively cheaper one without losing your enthusiasm. Find those tips here.

  • Know your fishing location well before finalizing. Understand the geographical area and confirm that the spot can guarantee to make a catch.

  • Try to understand about the fish species of that particular season, habitats and diet.

  • Own a starter kit containing the basic equipments such as a rod, a reel, the line, jigs, sinkers, hooks, lures etc from reliable fishing equipment online, UAE.

  • Try to fish at late evenings or early mornings for it’s the best time for a better catch.

  • Understand that Patience is the key for successful fishing.

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