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How to Protect your Fishing Boat from Barnacles and Algae?

Updated: Nov 5, 2021

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Algae and barnacles prove to be a major problem for small boats as well as big ships and the leading boat accessories supplier in UAE will surely let you know about the same. This deposition of barnacles, algae, or other microorganisms on the surface of a ship or boat is known as biofouling. These get attached to the hulls and sometimes grow beneath the paint too. The efficiency and economy of the vessel get reduced due to the attack of these organisms as they have to be scraped off or removed after regular time intervals by the solution provided by the fishing equipment online in UAE. The pre-existing method for removing algae and barnacles is harmful to the environment and so, scientists have been trying to figure out better methods or ways.

Whether to protect a large ship or a small fishing boat the marine equipment supplier in UAE would suggest some workable methods. The only difference is in the size of the boats but these organisms can equally harm these boats, whether large or small.

The Commonly Used Method

Mixing paint along with a poisonous substance is the most commonly used method to avert this fouling and protect the boat. This poison is released at the required places and not only does it kill and remove the barnacles and algae, but it also gets released into the water and becomes a threat to the lives of other microorganisms.

In earlier days, during the period of 1980s and 1990s, tributyltin oxide (TBTO) was used to remove barnacles and algae but a global environmental disaster occurred due to it and its use caused infertility in oysters and other such animals. This led to a worldwide TBTO ban.

Nowadays, most of these paints have copper oxide as an ingredient, and thereby, copper is getting released into the seas and oceans greatly.

For those who have fishing boats, if they use these anti-fouling paints in a higher quantity that can affect the fish and further cause diseases in them that can be harmful to their lives. Therefore, it is a method for keeping the boat protected from algae and barnacles but can prove to be harmful in the long run and no reputed boat accessories supplier in UAE will prefer the same.

The New and Eco-Friendly Method

In this new method, modification of the paint and poison is done such that the poison stays inside the paint so that the least of it gets released into the water. Here, the ability of the barnacle is used so that it penetrates the paint and as the organism gets attached to the surface of the ship, the poison begins its work and kills the organisms.

The kind of toxins used in this method is proven to cause very little harm to the environment in general. The scientists are aiming for producing such a toxin or chemical that leads to zero emissions but right now, this method is quite eco-friendly and is very well-suited for protecting fishing boats and also keeping the fish safe in the waters.

The use of eco-friendly methods is very important because marine life suffers due to the poisonous substances which in turn also prove to be harmful to the humans and environment specifically. Buy fishing equipment online in UAE from the trusted companies to ensure that they give the best suggestion and guidance for saving your boats from algae and barnacles.


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