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How to choose the right fishing rod?

Updated: Nov 21, 2020

The requirement of a productive day on water could be fulfilled with the choice of the most efficient fishing rod holders for boats. There are a number of options available in the market and you can choose the appropriate fishing rod for sale in UAE by the most reliable supplier online or through store.

fishing rod holders for boats

It is interesting to choose the fishing rod and it would be even more fascinating to do it for the first time. There are some important points to consider to make your selection as there are pros and cons of various types of fishing poles to choose from the range of hundreds of options available at the online fishing store in UAE.

Choose the right length

It is important to choose the appropriate length for your new rod and it ranges anywhere from 4-14 feet. It is important to match your rod with the fishing type and casting. The shorter rods give better control but you can’t reach the far line with them. At some places, there are shorter rods recommended, and at others, the longer ones

would work.

fishing equipment online in UAE

Rod Material

Fishing rods are made up of different materials, including fiberglass, composite, or graphite; and the rod material has an important impact on the success of your fishing. Here are the fishing rod materials discussed for buying the appropriate fishing equipment online in UAE:

  • Fiberglass rods: These are the conventional and most important types of fishing rods that have been into consideration for a long time. These are strong and cost-effective rods that make them a great choice for new fishing lovers. The fiberglass rods do not detect the lighter bites and it takes a lot of time to catch fish with fiberglass rods.

  • Graphite rods: These are lighter options for fishing rods but come with a lot of misconceptions. These are identified options for the different degrees of stiffness and with a higher modulus, the material will be stiffer. Graphite uses less material for achieving the same stiffness that means that the rods will be relatively light. The rods are brittle and steep in comparison to the fiberglass rod.

  • Composite Rods: These rods are a mixture of fiberglass and graphite giving you flexibility and an appropriate weighing option. These rods are versatile and a great choice for use in different waters but is relatively expensive than the other rods.

Rod Action

Your action is the most important aspect for the fishing rod holders for boats. It controls the speed at which the rod moves from its original position (slow, medium, or fast). Action matters a lot for handling the rod. Fast action rods bend at the uppermost part, just below the tip. Faster rods can snap back quickly that is ideal for the powerful setting of the hook.

fishing rod for sale in UAE

Medium action rod bends in the top half of the pole with good capabilities for hook-setting. Slow action rods make slow action that is used for the best casting purpose. It is not easy to hook up the slow action rods as it requires pulling back farther when the fish bites. Once the hook gets in, it becomes easy to maintain the right amount of tension.

Using the right rod power

Rod power is important to consider just as rod action. It is the capability to withstand pressure. Heavy rods are generally good for the larger fish and the light ones are suitable for the smaller-sized fish. Rod power comes in ultra-light to ultra-heavy tones.

Rod Markings

The online fishing store in UAE has well-marked rods that are a combination of letters and numbers to let you know about the rod you are looking at. The First 3-4 numbers depict the rod length, the second number is the action, and the next is the recommended line and lure weights. You can check out the explanation of the rod by understanding the meaning of each symbol.

Rod Handle

It is another important point defined by the dedicated companies for fishing equipment online in UAE. The basic material used for the rod is EVA foam or cork. Cork is a widely used handle material than foam as it can transfer the vibrations up to 3 times. The durability of the foam handle is more and cork is hard to clean. The people who want to keep their gear tidy and clean must choose foam over the other option. Carbon handles are even in trend and get no reliability issue.

online fishing store in UAE

Rod handle shape

Rod handles are available in different shapes and the most common ones are pistol gripping and the trigger stick. The pistol shape is short with a contoured handle with the hook designed to be used with the index finger. This fishing handle is mainly used for precise jiggling movements. The trigger handle is relatively longer and helps in casting with both hands. The price range of both cases is almost the same but you need to decide what gives you the maximum effort.


Zawraq Marine Technology and Equipment can give you the whole world of options for the fishing rod for sale in UAE. They are the best consultants and guides for giving you expert advice that matches your requirement and the budget. You can share the requirements and the fishing experts will help you in sorting the different options available for fishing equipment online in UAE. They have high-quality products from the most trusted vendors of the industry and our fishing rod holders for boats along with other products are the best in the marine industry.

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