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How to choose the right anchor for your boat?

Updated: Aug 15, 2022

While so many types of anchors are available, it will be confusing to choose the right type for your boats. The choice depends up on the type of bottom-mud, grass, sand or rock, the size and windage of the boat, the wind conditions and the sea state. Here we will help you to choose the right anchors for your boat with appropriate material types and find the best boat anchors for sale, Abu Dhabi.

Choose the right style

The most common types of anchor styles are the fluke and the plow. The inland type is for small boats, boating on protected inland waters.

  • Fluke Anchor/ Lightweight or Danforth

This is a popular one used in small boats which includes Performance 2 and the West Marine Traditional anchors. It is a light weighted anchor which stows flats and holds well in mud and sand. Fluke types does not hold well in grassy or rock surfaces but have a good holding power to weight ratio to use well in most of the times.

  • Plow/ Scoop Anchors

It has got a ‘single point’ style which aids the holding ability in varying bottom conditions. Plow types easily reset themselves when the wind changes directions. The newest trend in scoop anchors is that it has round ‘roll bars’ that self-right them, automatically turning it right side up. They do not have projecting flukes and hold stronger in grass, sand and mud. Plow types are often used as primary anchors in power boats and cruising sail boats. These type of anchors have curved shanks, which easily self-launch on the bow roller. If you are using a windlass and want a remote control operation, Plow type anchors are the best.

When to use two anchors of different styles?

Most of the boating services use two anchors of different styles, i.e. a Danforth style and the plow style, for more anchoring security. The different choices of anchors depend on the type of sea bottom, size and windage of the boat, the wind conditions and the sea state. At times, two anchors of different styles should be used simultaneously.

Choose the right sized anchor

While choosing the anchor, make sure it’s size best fits for your boat and suits to anchor for the locations and weather of the place. Also, take in to account the manufacturer’s suggested sizes and consider your boating style.

Holding power

But anchors with good holding power to do a better anchoring in both sea bed and at rocky bottoms. Modern anchors have a remarkable holding capacity, when compared to their weights. Even the less weighted ones have holding power of 1,000 pounds.

What materials to choose from?

Anchors are made of any of these materials: galvanized steel, light weight aluminum/ magnesium and Grade 316 stainless steel. A galvanized anchor has the highest tensile strength. Where as a stainless anchor resemble works of sculpture to dress up the bow of the vessel. Aluminum/magnesium anchors can be used for ultra light sailboats and sailboat racers.

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