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Essential Items You Should Have In the Cabin Store of Your Ship

Safety should be the first priority and the cabin crew is required to have certain safety items in addition to all the necessary additions for an easy voyage. The article will discuss some of the essential and life-saving items that should be available onboard and where can you find them.

Essential supplies and life-saving Equipments

It is required to carry certain life-saving equipment and supplies onboard which can save your life in the event of a disaster. Essential supplies that should be available on board include a Sea anchor, first aid kit, Thermal protective supplements, fishing tackle, safety knives, Radar reflectors, waterproof torch etc.

Ring-life buoys an example of life- are saving equipment that appears in a ring shape that helps to float on water surface. Life rafts are another life-saving onboard ship that can be typically folded and stored. The intelligent fire alarm system has appliances including smoke dictators, fire dictators and chemical sensors. Chemical sensors help to detect the presence of hazardous chemicals in the ship. Fire extinguishers can save passengers from fire break-outs in the ocean.

Life jackets

In case of emergency, cruise ships must have enough life jackets on board for every passenger. If bad weather or strong winds cause you to fall into the ocean, a life jacket can easily save your life. Life jackets keep you safe as you wait for help in the sea. The life jacket will maintain your warmth and help you keep your body temperature stable if you have a boating accident and land up in frigid water. The material used to make life jackets is highly insulated.


For boarding or departing the ship securely, ladders should be available along the cabin store. Depending on the circumstance different types of ladders can be employed.

Rescue boats

Rescue boats are small boats that are kept aboard a ship to carry out emergency abandonment. Rescue boats are rigid, inflatable or hybrid structures that can capacitate a maximum of 6 people. They must be available in sufficient quantity to save all the passengers on the ship in case of emergency.

Immersion suits

Immersion suits are a type of waterproof suit to prevent water to go through in case they are exposed to cold water in the ocean.

Foldable bags

Bare essentials will be available for crew members' cabins on cruise ships in terms of space. In order to reduce the amount of room that their luggage occupies, collapsible luggage is a perfect pick. They take up very little room and are portable, making them one of the most useful travel accessories.

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