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Ways to reduce damage to your fishing equipment

Updated: Aug 15, 2022

Even if you are a wizard in fishing, no proper caring for the fishing equipment or accessories can damage them seriously. Rods,reels, tackle and everything used for fishing must be taken care of soundly for long use and save your money. Zawraq Marinetech, one of the leading Marine equipment suppliers in UAE ,recommends here some tips on how to take care of your fishing equipment properly.

Keep a separate high quality box for your fishing equipment

A tackle box is necessary to keep all the fishing lures organised without getting tangled. If it has separate compartments, the task will be an easy one. Make sure to buy a water- proof box as the hooks and lures tend to rust easily if they hold the moisture for a long time.

Keep your fishing rod safe and protected

Before and after fishing, clean your fishing rods with a towel and alcohol to prevent building up of dirt or algae on them. Or else they can become frayed. Keep them in a fishing rod case for not getting snapped while on transport. Choose your favourite from the best fishing equipment online UAE for a better experience.

To a functional Fishing reel

Rinse the fishing reel often with fresh water. Lubricate them whenever you fish for a smooth functioning of moving parts. Make sure there's a guarantee for your fishing product orders from the marine equipment suppliers in UAE.

Maintenance of tackle and lures

Hard body lures are recommended to clean with a wet toothbrush and cleaner to clean the hard to reach spots. Use dry towels to wipe off the dirt on it. The plastic accessories should be kept in cool & dry places and make sure all the packages are sealed before storage. For long lasting lures and tackles, make a purchase from the most reliable & affordable Marine equipment suppliers in UAE.

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